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Pete Buttigieg Holds on to His Lead in the Iowa Caucuses

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For the second time today, the Iowa Democratic Party has released more results from Monday’s presidential caucuses. With 86 percent of the precincts reporting. Pete Buttigieg retains his lead.  The former Mayor of South Bend, IN now has collected 26.7 percent of the state delegate equivalents, and Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders and 25.4 percent.  Massachusetts US Senator Elizabeth Warren holds 18.3 percent of the delegates and former vice president Joe Biden has 15.9 percent.  Amy Klobuchar holds 12.1 percent.  The initial Iowa results came out after 24 hours of chaos. Technical problems marred the complicated caucus process, forcing state officials to apologize. 

Lawmakers heard testimony Wednesday on a bill that would cap the number of noneconomic damages that could be awarded in a medical malpractice lawsuit at $250,000. 

At the House Judiciary subcommittee, several doctors and medical associations said they support the bill, saying the cap could help keep medical costs down.

But several legal groups opposed the cap saying it’s unconstitutional and would not impact healthcare costs.

Chad Swanson is the president of the Iowa Association For Justice.

We know that rural hospitals and clinics around the Midwest are struggling. That has everything to do with shrinking patient populations and Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements and a shrinking available workforce but nothing to do with lawsuits.

The cap would not impact economic damages awarded for lost wages or medical expenses.

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