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Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders Still Lead the Democratic Candidates in Caucus Results

Democratic Presidential Candidate and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders

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Pete Buttigieg is clinging to a slight lead over Bernie Sanders in a new batch of votes released by the Iowa Democratic Party. The race remained too early to call with 75% of precincts reporting by today, almost two full days after the state hosted its first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses. 

Much of the political world has already shifted its attention to New Hampshire, which votes on Tuesday. Wednesday's updated results show Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Amy Klobuchar trailing. Iowa officials attributed their delay to technical problems. The chaos surrounding the reporting breakdown has undermined the impact of Iowa's election, which typically rewards winners with a surge of momentum.

South Dakota lawmakers will weigh a proposal to do away with vaccination requirements for students. House Majority Leader Lee Qualm, a Republican from Platte, introduced a bill that would stop schools and colleges from requiring vaccinations for students to enter school. The state currently allows vaccination exemptions for students who have weakened immune systems or who have religious objections. 

A proposal that could lead to the expansion of the Nebraska Legislature faces an uncertain future after lawmakers failed to reach a vote on it. Senators passed over the measure Wednesday after a three-hour legislative debate. It will only return for a vote if the sponsor, Speaker of the Legislature Jim Scheer, can show that it has at least 33 supportive senators required to overcome a filibuster. 

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