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Iowa Caucus Results Expected at 4:00 Central Time

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The Iowa Democratic Party plans to release partial caucus results at 4 p.m. today, hours after thousands of Iowans cast their preferences in the presidential contest. About half of the results will be released. 

Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price said in a statement this morning that the app used to report results had a coding error and had been fixed. He said the coding error did not impact the data itself, which the party is checking alongside paper records to verify.

The company at the center of the Iowa caucus fiasco says it regrets that an app it designed had technical glitches that delayed the release of the results from the first nominating contest of 2020.

But while Shadow Inc. pledged on Tuesday to do better in the future, it stopped short of apologizing.

Iowa Democrats’ botched deployment of an app to tabulate results from their caucuses has led other early states to try to reassure the public about their plans for the presidential primary. 

The brunt of the scrutiny is falling on Nevada, which planned to use similar technology at its caucuses in less than three weeks. The Nevada Democratic Party says it's confident it won't see a repeat of what happened in Iowa. New Hampshire and South Carolina, which both hold primaries instead of caucuses, says they have similar faith in their well-tested systems. 

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is defending the state's first-in-the-nation caucus status as Democrats struggle to get results released.

The Republican governor said that the state must fight to remain first after a mobile app created to compile and report caucus results malfunctioned.

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