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Former VP Joe Biden Draws a Large Crowd At Western Iowa Tech

Biden at Western Iowa Tech

Crowds line up to meet Biden at Western Iowa Tech

As the Feb. 3rd presidential nominating caucuses loom on Monday, the candidates are making a last run through Siouxland.  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Mayor of South Bend, In. Pete Buttigieg are in Sioux City Friday morning.  And Vice President Mike Pence is in Sioux City this morning.  

Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden was at Western Iowa Tech where a crowd of more than 250 potential caucus-goers cheered him on.

Biden said he could beat President Donald Trump “like a drum” and referred to what he called the slurs against him and his family at the ongoing Senate impeachment trial.

No matter how personal the attacks against me and my family, a president can’t hold grudges, a president has to be ready to fight.  This is much more important than about my family, it is about you it is about the American people, it is about reinstating some decency, some honor.”

Biden also told the crowd that doesn’t believe that the United States is the dark, angry nation that President Donald Trump tweets about at night.

I don’t believe that we are a nation that puts kids in cages, I don’t believe we are a nation that builds walls and whips up hysteria, about invasions of immigrants, I don’t believe we are a nation that embraces white supremacists and hate groups.”

Biden left Sioux City mid-afternoon to attend another rally in Council Bluffs.  The Iowa Caucuses are Monday, Feb 3rd.  

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