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John Kerry Faces Protesters While Supporting Presidential Candidate Joe Biden in Sioux City

JANUARY 7, 2020
Siouxland Public Media

Former Democratic Massachusetts Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry was in Sioux City today pledging his support for former vice president Joe Biden in 2020.  However, the one-time presidential candidate was interrupted early on by protesters with signs saying “Palenstinians Should Be Free.” 

Kerry was undaunted, telling protestors he believed in freedom of speech.   

Credit Siouxland Public Media

He went on to tell the crowd of about 100 people that Joe Biden deserves their support because he can defeat President Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden is the one person in this race who has the heart, the instinct and the record, the experience, the ability to make certain that we win the presidency in 2020.”

Kerry also spoke out against President Trump for his order to kill an Iranian general Qassem Soleimani last week.

“Was that absolutely the thing to do now? Was that the only choice we had?  Did we have other ways and were the implications going to be?”

Kerry said Joe Biden has the experience on the international stage to make hard decisions that could affect Americans.  Kerry continues his tour of Western Iowa today in support of Biden.   

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg plans to hold two town hall events in northwest Iowa next Thursday, January 16th.

He’ll be in Orange City in the afternoon and Sioux City that evening.  The location of both events hasn’t been set yet.

Buttigieg will take part in a debate hosted by CNN in Des Moines one week from tonight.