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Buttigieg Takes the Lead in Iowa, says Monmouth University Poll


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Former Vice President Joe Biden has been pushed out first place in the presidential race in Iowa by South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  According to the new Monmouth University Poll out today, Mayor Pete leads the Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa, ahead of the state’s first in the nation caucuses in February.  

Twenty-two percent of respondents in the poll put Buttigieg in the lead for the first time in Iowa. Joe Biden came in second with 19 %, which was a big drop since the summer, when he was the pick of 26% of Monmouth respondents.  In that survey, Buttigieg was supported by only 8 % of respondents. 

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was favored by 18 % and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by 13%. All other Democratic candidates received single-digit support in the survey. 

However, the survey results suggest that the race is still fluid because less than one-third of respondents said they are firmly set on their choice.

Congress would need to pass a final budget bill for the year by November 21 to avoid another continuing resolution. That’s a patch that keeps the government open without final decisions on the year’s budget.

But Iowa’s senior senator says there’s no shutdown on the horizon.

Republican Chuck Grassley, who chairs the Senate finance committee, says another continuing resolution seems inevitable.

Grassley says impeachment proceedings are holding up work in Congress. But in his meetings with Iowans, he says he’s heard more questions about taxes and other spending-bill related concerns than about impeachment.

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