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Corn and Ethanol Producers Still Worried about Outcome of EPA Proposal

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Corn growers and ethanol producers are concerned about the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed fix for ethanol demand.  The ethanol industry wants the federal government to account for dozens of ethanol exemption waivers it issued to small refineries.

Iowa’s Republican elected officials say they are confident the President is on their side, though the EPA  proposal disappointed many. Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley says intends to submit comments asking that the legally required number of gallons be met.

But at the same time, he says the administration has some fences to mend in the Corn Belt. 

There’s a big public relations problem with people in the ethanol industry, corn farmers, this senator about EPA keeping their word. Playing footsie with the big oil companies, etc. etc.

Grassley says he trusts President Trump but needs the EPA to demonstrate beyond any doubt that the 15 billion gallons of ethanol required by the Renewable Fuel Standard will be blended.

A new owner has purchased a Cherokee food processing plant idled last spring. 

Oklahoma-based Lopez Foods Inc. bought the food plant formerly owned by startup Iowa Food Group. Cherokee Area Economic Development’s Bill Anderson says filling this plant with a business is important to the county.

 It has been a priority for our office and really for the citizens of Cherokee County. 

Anderson says Lopez Foods is doing some construction and aims to reopen the plant in early spring.

The Cherokee food plant was shuttered for four years after former owner Tyson Foods left the area. 

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