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Iowa Corn Growers and Biofuels Representatives Say President Trump Needs to Stick to EPA Deal

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Leaders of Iowa farm commodity and biofuels groups are calling on President Trump to force the EPA to follow the deal on ethanol and biodiesel that Trump struck with the industry a dozen days ago.  The leaders held a news conference today in Des Moines. 

Iowa Corn Growers Association CEO Craig Floss warned thousands of farmers who invested in ethanol and biodiesel plants will go out of business if the EPA plan stands. 

Iowa Renewable Fuels Association executive director Monte Shaw said the EPA draft for implementing the ethanol and biodiesel mandates over the next three years will create an economic crisis.

The number of known cases of sexual harassment committed by employees in Iowa's executive branch spiked last year after responsibility for conducting investigations was shifted to a central agency.

The increase may be welcome news for advocates for sexual harassment victims, who had expressed disappointment at the state's handling of the issue in the past.

Department of Administrative Services spokeswoman Tami Wiencek said the agency concluded there were 10 founded complaints of sexual harassment in the last fiscal year that ended June 30. The agency told lawmakers earlier this year that it knew of only three founded sexual harassment complaints in the prior three fiscal years combined.

The Good Government Committee of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce has endorsed two candidates for the upcoming city government election on November 5th.  The committee has endorsed Incumbent Mayor Bob Scott and city council candidate Julie Schoenherr.  Scott is being challenged by Maria Rundquist and Schoenherr is challenging incumbent council member Rhonda Capron. 

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