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Noon Newscast 10.15.19

People who live in Sioux City may soon be allowed to own pit bulls. The majority of the Sioux City council voted yesterday to repeal a long-time ban on pit bulls in the city.

Sioux City Councilwoman Rhonda Capron supports repealing the ban. She owns a pit bull that was grandfathered in when the ban was passed 11-years ago. 

Just a great dog, always been a great dog. He’s getting a little older, a little slower, just like me.”

Capron says she’s seen all kinds of dogs -- not just pit bulls -- nip at people, and adds responsible ownership plays a part in this.

The council still has to review the ordinance two more times before repealing it. Cities around the country are scrapping their bans on pit bulls.

Nebraska state government collected more tax revenue than expected in September.

The Department of Revenue reported Tuesday that the state received $522 million in net revenue, which is 8.2% higher than the official certified forecast of $510 million.

A forum for the candidates running for school board in Sioux City takes place tonight.

The event sponsored by the League of Women Voters starts at 7 p.m. at city hall.

Six candidates are running for four open seats.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has renamed a stretch of Interstate-680 in western Iowa to clear up some confusion.

Interstate-880 is the new designation for the northern segment of 680. This is east of Loveland -- connecting I-29 with I-80 near Neola. The other section of I-680 from Crescent into Omaha will stay 680.

Transportation officials say there was some confusion when they had to close sections of I-680 and 29 several times this year and in 2011 because of flooding from the Missouri River.