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Tariff Relief Still Uncertain, SC Council to End Pit Bull Ban

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State revenue forecasters are predicting a significant slowdown in Iowa’s revenue growth compared to the previous fiscal year that ended June 30th.

David Underwood is a member of the revenue estimating panel. He says unfinished trade deals are a big concern for Iowa’s economy.

“I’m disappointed that we at this point still have so much uncertainty hanging over us. Which makes it difficult for me to see the rosy side of it. And I guess looking at the numbers we’ve got before us today, I think we have to continue to be a little bit cautious.” 

Iowa’s budget director David Roederer (roe-der) says he expected revenue growth to slow down this year because tax cuts are taking effect and reducing state revenue. But he says working out trade agreements with China, Mexico and Canada could improve the state’s economy and boost revenue.  

The United States will not implement increases to tariffs on Chinese goods that were scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday). The slight easing of trade tensions follows productive meetings in Washington last week that President Donald Trump says led to a tentative trade deal. Details are scarce and nothing has yet been signed.

The Sioux City Council will vote to repeal the nearly decade-old ban on pit bulls at its meeting this afternoon.

Mayor Bob Scott says the vote will take place to comply with federal regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Regulations for individuals that may possess service animals that are pit bulls or similar breeds of dogs.

He says the interpretation of companion dogs and service dogs has changed dramatically since 2010 and he says it is almost impossible now to prove if a dog is a service dog or companion dog — and it is just easier to do away with the ordinance.

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