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Iowa's Revenue Growth May Slow Down, Pitbulls Could Be Welcome in Sioux City

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The state budget director is urging caution as Iowa revenue growth is expected to be much slower this budget year than in the previous one.

Members of the state revenue estimating panel pointed to recent changes in state and federal tax laws, unfinished trade agreements, and a slowdown in national economic growth. 

Department of Management Director David Roederer (roe-der) says he doesn’t think a recession is right around the corner, but he has concerns.

While everything looks pretty good, there are still some warning signs out there.

He says he was always expecting slow growth this year because tax cuts are taking effect and cutting into state money that is spent on public services. He says low unemployment and lower-than-expected wage growth are also contributing to the expected slowdown in state revenue growth. 

Roederer says working out trade agreements with China, Mexico and Canada could help turn that around.

The United States will not implement increases to tariffs on Chinese goods that were scheduled for tomorrow. The slight easing of trade tensions follows productive meetings in Washington last week that President Donald Trump says led to a tentative trade deal. Details are scarce and nothing has yet been signed.

Sioux City Council members will consider adopting an ordinance Monday that would repeal a controversial ban on pit bulls within the city limits.

City staff is asking the council to adopt an ordinance to lift the ban because animal control regulations across the country are "turning to breed-neutral regulation and moving away from breed-specific regulations," according to city documents. The repeal is also recommended to ensure future compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act regulations for individuals that may possess service animals that fall under breed-specific regulation.

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