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Farmers Hoping Tariff Relief Lasts, Films on Immigrants in Prison in Spencer

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Though plenty of hard work remains on a possible trade deal between the United States and China, the agriculture sector is finding hope in the tentative agreement the countries have announced. 

President Donald Trump says China has agreed to buy between 40 and 50 billion dollars in US agriculture products if the deal goes through. Iowa State University economics professor Wendong Zhang says that’s significantly more than any single-year of US exports to the Asian giant. But it’s not clear whether the new number reflects an annual promise.

Zhang says tariffs that could have been imposed this week will not go into effect. That’s some relief, but now farmers and others will wait to see whether the threat of December tariffs is also lifted. I’m Amy Mayer, Iowa Public Radio News.

The problems posed by the incarceration of immigrants in America are subject of a group of short films being shown tonight at by the Clay County Democratic Party in Spencer.

The United States has the biggest immigrant prison system in the world, yet most Americans are unaware of the conditions found in these detention centers, Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films says with the current surge of anti-immigrant rhetoric, stock in the immigrant prison industry is skyrocketing.  

There’s an incredible amount of money being made, profiteering, you know, the day after the Trump election, the stocks that went up the most were the private prison stocks.

Immigrant Prisons and Immigrants for Sale are two of the films being shown tonight in at Arts on Grand. in Spencer, Iowa.  

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