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Still No Word on Ethanol From President Trump, SC Int Film Fest Preview


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Republican Senator Joni Ernst says she doesn’t think President Trump favors oil interests over farmers and ethanol producers. 

the Trump administration still hasn’t announced a fix for the president allowing the EPA to exempt 31 refineries from blending ethanol into gasoline.

Ernst, Senator Chuck Grassley, and Governor Kim Reynolds said they had a meeting with Trump last week where he “verbally agreed” to require some refineries to use more ethanol.

But he’s also meeting with senators from oil states. And on Thursday, the Trump campaign sent a news release supporting fossil fuels and highlighting that industry’s economic impact in Iowa and other states.

Ernst says Trump needs to uphold the commitment he made to Iowa farmers on ethanol. 

The Sioux City International Film Festival kicks off in two weeks.

This year the theme is “Woman in Film”.

There will be workshops and chances to meet filmmakers and see their creations at the Promenade Theatre.

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“It’s really fascinating thing for anyone who has any interest.  Especially, students of English, drama and the arts.  They are going to love that.” 

Rick Mullin is the president of the film festival board and one of the founders of the event that started 15-years ago.

The only films we got back in the day were the big mass-market films.  We never got the interesting stuff that showed up in Minneapolis or Chicago so we said let’s start something on our own.  And, boy has it ever grown.”

Filmmakers from all over the world submitted their movies. About 30% or 53 were chosen to be shown during the festival.

The Sioux City International Film Festival runs from October 3rd through the 6th with free workshops at the Convention Center and screenings at the Promenade Theatre.

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