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Flooding Threatens Downstream on the Missouri River, Shaun Broyhill Runs for School Board


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Officials in one southwest Iowa county are advising people to consider evacuating. 

The Missouri River’s levels are rising, triggered by recent heavy rainfall in northerly states and dam releases upstream. Sheri Bowen (BOE-win) with Mills County says water is beginning to come back in through a levee breach in the southwest part of the county and is migrating north.

That standing water is only going to deepen. It’s not moving with any significant force right now. But it is moving and increasing a little bit. 

The Missouri River at Plattsmouth (PLATT-smith), Nebraska is expected to rise 2 feet over the next few days and will be about 3 feet above minor flood stage. 

Bowen (BOE-win) says the area of concern where the county is cautioning people has about 40 properties at most. She adds many of those properties have been vacant since the spring flooding earlier this year.

A second Siouxland area ethanol plant is shutting down. The first was Plymouth Energy in Merrill, and now Sioux Center-based Siouxland Energy,  a farmer-owned cooperative, has also stopped operations. The closures at both Iowa ethanol plants are temporary.   A written statement blames the Trump Administration’s ethanol waivers to oil refineries for the closure.  

Governor Kim Reynolds says President Trump will announce new ethanol production guidelines this week. 

Veteran candidate and one-time school board member Shaun Broyhill is again seeking a seat on the Sioux City School Board.  Thursday is the final day for candidates to file nomination.  Broyhill won a position six years ago but had to resign to serve a jail sentence for violating probation on a previous misdemeanor theft charge.  has run for office three times before.  He served on the School board in 2013. 

There are four Sioux City School Board positions that will go before voters in the November 5 election. Five people are now candidates, including Broyhill, board member Miyuki Nelson, Monique Scarlett,  Dan Greenwell, and Taylor Goodvin.

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