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Tornado Hit Sioux Falls Tuesday, Massive Damage

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The National Weather Service says that at least one tornado hit the city of Sioux Falls overnight and caused massive damage.

The weather service confirmed an EF-2 tornado with winds of about 125 mph hit a portion of the city. They are examining a second area where a hospital complex suffered heavy damage to see if that also was a tornado or simply straight-line winds.

The local fire chief says at least 37 buildings were destroyed or have structural damage mainly on the south and southwestern parts of town.

The Sgt. Bluff-Luton School district has failed to pass a bond for the 4th year in a row, though this year’s bond was significantly smaller than past measures.

Voters in Sergeant Bluff-Luton (LOO-tin) Community School District rejected a $33 million-dollar bond that would’ve covered building a new primary school and moving baseball and softball fields.

This year’s bond was about half of last year’s and less than the other two previous ones. So Superintendent Rod Earleywine (ER-lee-wine) says he was hopeful it would make it. But shortly before the bond election, he got talking with some voters at school events...

 It became pretty clear that a lot of people that had voted yes for the previous bond issues were most likely either not going to vote or they were going to vote no because they did not believe this was the right plan, it did not solve all of our issues and problems.

Earleywine (ER-lee-wine) says the school board will meet in October to discuss its options moving forward. He says the primary school building needs major renovations.

Storm Lake narrowly passed a $15 million dollar measure to build a new early elementary school with 61% approval. And, the community of Orange City rejected plans for a  fitness facility paid for with taxpayer money.  Only 43% supported the $5 million dollar “Aspire Center for Healthy Living”.

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