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Virtual Caucusing in Iowa Not Happening in 2020, Foxhoven Sues Gov. Reynolds

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It looks like virtual caucuses won’t be happening next year in Iowa. 

The Iowa Democratic Party is scrapping the process that would have allowed participants to caucus with their phones. The decision comes following recommendations from the Democratic National Committee. State party chair Troy Price says they take the DNC’s concerns over hacking seriously. 

But at the end of the day, I don’t believe that we should be developing a system that would put us in a position to have anyone who used that system to vote put into jeopardy.

Price says they will explore all alternatives to securely increase accessibility for the 2020 presidential nominating caucuses. Price insists Iowa will remain a caucus state and continue to be first-in-the-nation in the presidential nominating process.

The state is facing another multi-million dollar lawsuit. Former Iowa Department of Human Services Director Jerry Foxhoven is seeking 2-million dollars connected to the decision the governor made to ask him to resign earlier this year.   

Foxhoven has taken the first step toward a lawsuit against the state, claiming he was wrongfully asked to resign because he raised concerns about a salary sharing agreement with Governor Kim Reynolds’ office. 

Concealed weapons could be banned at the South Dakota State Capital space.   Justices on the South Dakota Supreme Court are considering that move.

Lawmakers agreed with a request from Supreme Court last session to exempt its chamber from a new state law allowing residents with concealed carry permits to bring guns into the Capitol building. The measure requires notifying the Highway Patrol at least 24 hours ahead of time.

The Argus Leader reports several legislators are urging the court to allow concealed handguns.

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