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Gov. Reynolds Says State Trying to Fix Problems with Food Assistance, Ponca Tribe Gets Win on Casino

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Governor Kim Reynolds says the state is working to fix issues that cause the state to be hit with a nearly two million dollar fine.  That federal fine was for errors in distributing food assistance.

The USDA cited the state for having a higher error rate than the national average, which was first reported by WOI-TV in Des Moines. The state was found to be overpaying benefits much more often than it was underpaying them.

Reynolds says she still doesn’t know why the state had a high error rate.

Well, they’re still trying to figure that out, whether it was we don’t know if it was maybe technology. We’re trying to figure that out so we’re unpacking the data.

Reynolds also repeated her desire to find a new DHS director, who oversees these benefits, to “take the agency in a new direction.” But she says she’s not blaming former director Jerry Foxhoven for the issues with food assistance.

Sioux City transit buses have a new look today.  The Environmental Services Department and Sioux City Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) unveiled a new bus wrap today featuring graphics reminding citizens to recycle.

The bus wrap is one of several promotional items the EAB has created to make people more aware of the need to recycle. 

The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska has scored another legal win in its fight to keep its casino open in western Iowa.

U.S. District Judge Stephanie Rose yesterday rejected motions in a lawsuit by the states of Iowa and Nebraska and the Iowa city of Council Bluffs seeking to derail the casino. 

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