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Sen. Gillibrand Talks about Gun Violence, Trade Wars and Iowa Voters

Siouxland Public Media

Democratic candidate for President and U.S. Senator from New York, Kirsten Gillibrand made a campaign stop in Sioux City August 7, 2019.  

She’s spending five-days crossing the state in an RV and dropped by the Key Club to meet with supporters and those still undecided.

“Your caucus goers are really well informed and they turn up. Several people here I have met several times.  They are getting to know the candidates one by one. I think if I get a chance to meet all the caucus goers one-by-one I can break through and win.”

This is Gillibrand’s second trip to Sioux City and her 10th time in Iowa.   

Credit Siouxland Public Media

“I think the key to a good campaign is just meeting voters where they are, listening to them and making sure your ideas and vision meet their concerns and needs.”

Gillibrand says one major concern really impacting Iowa farmers is the trade war.

She says as President she would hold China accountable and use tariffs appropriately.

“I would have a real strategy and a real approach on how to deal with trade.  Unfortunately, President Trump has no strategy and he basically had temper tantrum after temper tantrum and it’s creating massive instability.”

Gillibrand also addressed the recent mass shootings. 

She called on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to call all Senators back to Washington this week to vote on a way to fight gun violence.

“Have universal background checks, ban large magazines and assault weapons, have a Federal anti-trafficking gun law.  We know those are the things that will work and protect lives.”

Gillibrand says President Trump has spewed hate and division and emboldened white supremacists and white nationalists.