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Filmmaker Visits Sioux City for New Doc on Zenith Closing , Kacena Endorses Biden

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A Sioux City lawmaker who endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2015 is included in a batch of Iowans endorsing Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.  Representative Tim Kacena is among the new endorsements the Biden campaign announced yesterday.  

Kacena endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2015 caucuses. He told the  Sioux City Journal that he didn’t think “we need something so far to the left that it’s going to be disruptive.”  

The Sioux City Zenith plant closed more than 40 years ago, but a New York filmmaker is bringing it back to life for a new documentary.  Jay Shapiro has been in Sioux City this week talking with former employees and their families.  He has also been meeting with George Lindblade, who produced a documentary about the struggle to keep the Zenith plant open.  

Jay Shapiro

So the name of the original film is We Didn’t Want to happen that way” which comes from a quote at the beginning, which is kind of a fitting title.  But then you are left with this question, who do you blame?”

Shapiro will be returning to Sioux City later this year to continue his research and filming for the documentary. 

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