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Noon Newscast 7.23.19

A northwest Iowa woman originally charged with killing her husband has pleaded not guilty to making a false report to authorities.

Thirty-five-year-old Becky Hebert, of rural Akron was originally charged with second-degree murder shooting death of 40-year-old Jeremy Hebert in October of 2017.

The charged was dismissed just weeks later. 

Deputies reported that she said numerous times that she'd shot her husband, statements that they later concluded were lies.

A northwest Iowa police chief has been accused of injuring his wife during a fight at their home.

Plymouth County court records say 51-year-old Joseph Hoover is charged with domestic abuse assault.

Hoover is chief of the Kingsley force.

According to the investigation Hoover admitted he hit his wife in the arm and shoulder early Friday morning.

Ethanol advocates are launching a television ad praising President Donald Trump for supporting the industry.

Growth Energy launched the 30-second spot today.

It features Scott Henry, a corn farmer from Iowa. He calls Trump the greatest champion for ethanol.

The American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers ran an ad in Wisconsin and other swing states this month criticizing Trump for lifting a summertime ban on gasoline mixed with 15% ethanol.