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Former Iowa DHS director reaches out to state and federal officials over forced resignation

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The former head of the Iowa department of human services Jerry Foxhoven says he has been discussing his resignation with authorities, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Iowa State Auditor, says the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  

Governor Kim Reynolds asked Foxhoven to resign last month and failed to give a public explanation. Reynolds has said there were many factors involved in the resignation.  In an email to The Gazette, Foxhoven said that, while he has not shared details of his departure publicly, he has been “completely open about what has happened with the appropriate authorities.” Foxhoven said he was asked to resign after he was asked to do something he thought was illegal, and refused to comply.  

A coalition of environmental groups wants presidential candidates to treat drinking water as a top priority. Across the country, Americans are struggling to access safe drinking water. Lead pipes in homes and schools, nitrate in agricultural areas and higher bills for ratepayers all threaten access to water. And key states on the electoral map are facing their own crises, including Michigan, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Laura Rubin with Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition says for presidential candidates, drinking water should come before every other issue.

Some political scientists are skeptical drinking water can compete with issues like universal healthcare, climate change, and the economy, which ranked highest in recent polls.

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