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Sanford Health to Merge with Unity Point Health, 4:04


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One the state’s largest healthcare providers announced today it is pursuing a merger with South Dakota-based Sanford Health. 

West Des Moines based UnityPoint Health has a hospital and clinic in Sioux City.  The transaction should be complete by the end of this year. That’s pending regulatory reviews. The merger would make the company one of the 15 largest non-profit health systems in the country. 

The two companies together will produce more than $11 billion annually in operating revenue and employ more than 83,000 people. UnityPoint Health It operates 32 hospitals and 280 clinics in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. 

Flood-damaged levees and other infrastructure along the Platte and Missouri Rivers will cost far in excess of $1 billion to repair, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The first 61 of 108 projects deemed eligible for federal funding will cost $1 billion dollars. The Corps has received more than 150 project applications, and more are expected to roll in.

Nearly 850 river miles were damaged when two rounds of massive floods devastated huge swaths of the Midwest this spring. The Corps counted more than 100 levee breaches between Omaha and St. Louis, with only a handful repaired so far.

The Sioux City Community School board voted 5-1 against considering an audit by the Iowa state auditor in the case of administrator salaries at a Wednesday night work session, according to the Sioux City Journal.

The process by which district administrator salaries are determined and publicly shared was questioned by a school board member on Monday. Board member David Gleiser said it isn't clear that the process has been uniformly transparent in recent years, so he said the school board should consider requesting an audit by the Iowa state auditor. 

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