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President Donald Truman and Dem Candidate Joe Biden Visit Iowa, 4:04

US President Donal Trump (R)

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Siouxland Public Media Newscast, 4:04, 06.11.19
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President Donald Trump will be in western and central Iowa today, and former Vice President Joe Biden is campaigning in south-central and eastern Iowa.

Trump will visit a Council Bluffs ethanol plant and highlight his administration’s rule change, allowing year-round sales of gas with a 15 percent ethanol blend. 

At his first campaign stop of the day in Ottumwa, Biden called President Trump an “existential threat” to America and the country’s core values.

Former Vice President and Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

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 “I hope his presence here will be a clarifying event because Iowa farmers have been crushed by his tariff war with China. And no one knows better than the folks in Iowa.”

Biden missed an event here over the weekend attended by 19 Democratic primary candidates. On this visit, he defended his absence, saying he wasn’t going to miss his granddaughter’s graduation, and that he’ll be spending a lot of time in Iowa over the next seven months. 

The former vice president was the top Democrat in a recent Iowa Poll, but Biden noted this is just the beginning.

A study shows Iowa leads the nation in the amount of human and animal waste it produces.

Christopher Jones is a scientist at the University of Iowa. The Des Moines Registerreports that Jones' study shows the state of 3.2 million people and total livestock population of nearly 110 million produces as much manure as a human population of 168 million.

His study indicates pigs are responsible for driving the state to the top of the rankings. 

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