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Congressman Steve King Reacts to Branstad's Donation to His Opponent, Randy Feenstra, SPM, 5:04

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Congressman Steve King today responded to a campaign contribution made by former Governor Terry Branstad to one of his challengers.

State Senator Randy Feenstra from Hull is one of three Republicans trying to oust King.

He brought in four times more campaign cash than King during the first three months of this year.   One of the donors is Branstad, who is now the U.S. Ambassador to China.

“He’s over there in China.  I hope he’s putting more energy in the Chinese trade deal than primary politics in Iowa,” said Steve King.

Congressman King is in Sioux City today taking part in a summit on tackling homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health issues. 

Over 200 people attended a Senate committee hearing in southwest Iowa today asking for answers on what the army corps of engineers can do better to manage the Missouri River Basin in the future.

Senator Joni Ernst called the hearing to collect testimony from the army corps of engineers, and farmers and mayors along the Missouri River affected by flooding.

Sharon Sheldon can’t get to her Percival home or farmland because of the flooding. She says she doesn’t like the way the corps has been managing the river.

(0:16) We have to be proactive instead of reactive and understand where the priorities lie in that river. They should not be for fish and wildlife and other things People and livelihoods should be the priority on the river.

The corps has 8 purposes authorized by Congress for the 6 large dams it manages but says during high runoff years, flood control has been their main focus.

A Major General with the corps says they’re in the early days of revisiting some of the management recommendations made for the basin in the past.

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