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Rising Drug Cost Concern


Medicare rule changes could trigger a spike in out-of-pocket drug costs for patients with multiple sclerosis.  

HealthCareNews.com reports because of restricted access, researchers found some patients will be left to cover more of the cost, at a price tag of thousands of dollars.

“It’s part of a disturbing trend.  That has made it that these very expensive and very necessary drugs for MS are getting harder and harder to access.”

Dr. Bruce Hughes is the director of the Ruan Multiple Scherosis Center at MercyOne in Des Moines.  He's one of the top neurologists in the Midwest.  He admits the cost of drugs is a problematic issue for patients. So, his clinic works with non-profits and even pharmaceutical companies to get the drug therapies patients need.

“With the changes that keep occurring, we find it more and more challenging.  I think we’re going to find more people with disability in a disease we have very good success in treating.”

“In general we find ways for them to get covered.  Although some do fall through the cracks.  When you deal with something devasting like MS, we don’t like to have any disruption in their care.” 

Dr. Hughes says early treatment is key.  But, before effective treatment patients had only a 50-50 chance of being able to walk ten years after diagnosis.

Dr. Hughes will be holding a patient information event Wednesday, February 13, 2019 in Sioux City, Iowa.  For more information go to TalkMS.com or call (866) 955-9999.  The event is sponsored by Biogen.