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The Exchange, Veterans' Day Program


The Exchange 10/31/18           


Coming up today on The Exchange, in honor of Veterans’ Day November 11th, we talk with some local vets and those who help provide services for veterans.  We also hear about the Buffalo Soldiers, a group of African American Soldiers who served in the civil war and in World War One. We also take a look at the hard-fought race between Incumbent 4thDistrict Republican Steve King and Democratic challenger JD Scholten.  

King/Scholten Race

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Don Duzick  WITCC Vet coordinator

How many vets currently attend WIT? 

Why so many?

What kind of advantages does WIT offer vets?

What does it mean to be designated "military friendly"?

Are there credit requirements for vets? What are they?

What kind of grade point requirements are there?

Who can benefit from Iowa Tuition Assistance (vets)?

What about federal tuition assistance?

What kinds of programs do vets tend to enter, or is a wide range?

How much funding does the government provide for veterans’ education?

What are some of the obstacles that students might encounter?

How can you help students overcome these obstacles?

Are there generational differences with vets?  What are they?

Can vets get college credit for their military experience?

The Peer Advisors for Veteran Education program gives student veterans a way to connect with students in a similar situation to them.

How about the differences between vets who have served in Iraq and those who served earlier?

Does it make a difference if someone has never been deployed, in terms of their benefits?

Where did you serve Don?

WIT is having some Memorial Day festivities and events, what are they Don?

Can anyone take part in the event?

How helpful is something like the upcoming business roundtable for Vets next week at WIT?

Dave Manktelow-WITCC Veteran 

Alexis Hillson-WITCC Vet

Alexis, what branch of the military were you in?  How long?

What made you decide to come to WIT?

What are you studying here?

How has the school helped you in your studies and other areas?

Have you visited the vet center?

Did you know about all the services it offers?

Where did you serve and when?  What branch of the service?

What made you want to get into the service?

How long were you in the service?

What are you studying here at WIT?

How did you decide to get into that field?

There are certain verification requirements that vets have as students.  What do you need to do to fulfill them?  Is it difficult?  How could this be easier?

Do you hang out with other vets here? There are certainly a lot of them at WIT.

You came to Iowa from the East Coast, was that a difficult move?

What are some of the issues you have had to overcome as a vet?

Have you benefited from services of the VA?

Are there some services you would like to see offered that aren’t currently available?  What are they?

Sarah Peterson-Support Siouxland Soldiers

There are many organizations that provide support for veterans in the Siouxland area, and Support Siouxland Soldiers helps as a catalyst to bring them together.  Sarah Peterson is the founder of Support Siouxland Soldiers.  Peterson says the organization is sponsoring three back-to-back events around or on November 11th.  Performers include the Vibe Rations, the Brits and Richard Arndt.

80726Sarah.   5:30

In:  “We’re having a big . . .”

Out:  “ . . . interested in.”

That was Sarah Peterson the founder of Support Siouxland Soldiers. The concert for veterans takes place on November 11that 3 p.m. at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  Rock for Vets

Buffalo Soldiers

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