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The Exchange, 09/05/18, National Music Museum Renovates, SC International FIlm Fest, IMOM

Sioux City International Film Festival

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The Exchange, 09/05/18
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  The Exchange 090518


Coming up next on The Exchange, we talk with one of the organizers of this year’s Iowa Mission Mercy to provide dental care for those have a hard time affording it.  The event’s organizer sometimes says dental care can change a person’s life.

Also, the big changes in store for the national music museum in Vermillion

We also talk with the author of a book about American women who broke Nazi and Japanese codes during WWII and get a preview of the Sioux City Film Festival

That and more coming up on the Exchange today at noon and Friday at 9:00 a.m.

NewsWeathern Introduction

Welcome to the Exchange on Siouxland Public Media, I’m Mary Hartnett.  Now that labor day is over, and fall is on the way, the Republican and Democratic parties of Iowa are ramping their campaigns for candidates in this November’s general election.  Troy Price leads the state’s democratic party. He was in Sioux City on Friday morning, talking about the education cuts made by Republican Governor Kim Reynolds.  Reynolds is facing Democratic businessman Fred Hubbell in the gubernatorial race.  Price said when he was growing up, teachers talked about how Iowa was first in the nation when it came to education.


Price said underfunding of schools has resulted in bigger class sizes and more problems.

Price 2

Price said the cuts hit when cuts in a third-grade reading program were put in place.

Price 3

Price went on to talk about problems outside of the k-12 system

Price 4

State Democratic party leader Troy Price has been crisscrossing the state in the last month, talking about education and workforce issues in advance of the November general election.  

Sioux City Senior Survey

The city of Sioux City has formed a senior advisory committee, and it's conducting a survey about what senior citizens in Siouxland want and need. Sioux Councilor and Mayor Pro Tem Dan Moore announced a city press conference on Friday that the survey was available.  Moore explained that the survey and the senior advisory committee are important for the community.

Dan1: 37

“A couple of years ago . . .”

“ . . . the voice could be heard.”

Moore said since he got on the council four years ago, there have been a couple of issues where seniors have felt they were not being heard.

Dan2: 31

“And they would come . . .”

“. . . seniors advisory committee.”

Moore says the committee has a great work ethic and cares about the welfare of seniors in Siouxland.

Dan4  :38 

“They’re very dedicated . . .”

“. . .dodon't want to have lost.”

Moore said the committee came up with the Senior living survey and it hopes to have information from the one-page questionnaire by October 1st

Dan5: 49

“What I hope happens . . .”

“ . . . they need that information.”

Bob Peck of the Senior Advisory Committee says the survey targets Sioux City residents 55 and older, as well as their caretakers and family members. Survey topics include transportation, housing, and health care services.  Peck says the surveys will be available all over town, in easily accessible places, including city hall.

You’re listening to The Exchange on Siouxland Public Media; I’m Mary Hartnett.  The Iowa Mission of Mercy is coming to Sioux City next month. The Iowa-MOM, as it is called, is a two-day dental clinic where dental professionals donate their time to provide free oral health care. This year, it will be held October 5th and 6th at the Tyson Events Center. The service is open for anyone who seeks care- regardless of where they live, how much money they make, or whether they have insurance. The full-service dental clinic with 100 dental operatories will be set up, and patients are treated on a first come, first served basis.   Longtime Sioux city dentist Dr. Dick Hettinger is organizing the event.  

That was Sioux City dentist Dick Hettinger, who is organizing the Iowa Mission of Mercy, a two-day free dental clinic, being held October 5thand 6that the Tyson Events Center.  

 If you want to visit the treasures of Vermillion’s National Music Museum (NMM) shortly, plan on doing so by Oct. 6. After that day, the museum will begin complex preparations for its upcoming architectural expansion. Doors will be closed to the public throughout the preparation period and much of the eventual construction work. Groundbreaking for the addition is slated for June 2019, with museum reopening in 2021.

I talked with the Museum's Manager of Communications Patricia Bornhofen about the expansion and what it will mean for the future of the museum.


The National Music Museum, Vermillion, SD

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Known for historic musical-instrument holdings that rival any of the finest in the world, the NMM sees the expansion as the opportunity to showcase these masterpieces with state-of-the-art practices and technologies.

Patricia Bornhofen, National Music Musem

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That was Patricia Bornhofen the manager of Communications at the National Music Museum in Vermillion. The museum will soon be undergoing a major expansion, and it will be shut down after after October sixth.  

Groundbreaking for the addition is slated for June 2019, with museum reopening in 2021.

I talked with the Museum's Manager of Communications Patricia Bornhofen about the expansion and what it will mean for the future of the museum.

You’re listening to the Exchange on Siouxland Public Media; I’m Mary Hartnett. 

These days, careers for women in computer programming are hailed as a breakthrough. However, more than ten thousand women served as codebreakers during World War II. While their brothers and boyfriends took up arms, these women moved to Washington and learned the meticulous work of code-breaking. Their efforts shortened the war and saved countless lives, but a strict vow of secrecy nearly erased their efforts from history…until now.  Best-selling author Liza Mundy tells their story in the book, “Code Girls:  The Untold Story of American Women Codebreakers During WWII.”  Mundy says she was fascinated with their story from the first time she heard it.

Film Festival

Beginning Wednesday, September 12th, Sioux City becomes a mecca of cinema culture.  Directors from around the world are flying in for the Sioux City Film Festival, including a few who began here and have gone on to create such films as Aladdin, and episodes of tv hits like Gotham. Kid Talk reporter Brianna Martinez spoke with Rick Mullin, one of the festival founders and current board president about this year's happenings

That was Kid Talk reporter Brianna Martinez and the Sioux City International Film Festival’s Rick Mullin.  The festival runs September 12ththrough the 16th.  More information can be found at 

Sioux Cityfilmfest.org.

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