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The Exchange 09/17/21: No Mask Mandate for SC Schools; Protest at LEC Event

This week on The Exchange, we review some of Siouxland's most important events.

One was the rejection of a mask mandate by the Sioux City School Board. The other event was the groundbreaking on the new Woodbury County Law Enforcement Center.  

We also look forward to changes coming for cities and higher education as we, hopefully, emerge from the coronavirus pandemic in the next few years. And, we get a up-close look at food insecurity in Siouxland.

As the schools of Siouxland become more divers, we talk with a new teacher at West and East Middle schools who is acting as bridge between Spanish-speaking students and the faculty.  

First, we have reports on Wednesday's hearing on a possible mask mandate for Sioux City public schools. On that same day, there was a protest at the groundbreaking of the new Woodbury County LEC.  We hear from Siouxland Public Media's Sheila Brummer. 

Sioux City Community Schools' Board President Perla Alarcon-Flory

We talk with a SCCS alumni who is returning to West Middle School to teach history, and help  bridge the gap between underserved students and the faculty.  Viridiana Curiel is a history teacher and a graduate of Briar Cliff University. 

Viridiana Curiel in the West Middle School library

West Middle School history teacher Viridiana Curiel

Also this week The Exchange looks at the changes being wrought by time and the coronavirus in higher education and our cities. We talk with authors Author Levine and David Cutler.

David Cutler, professor applied economics at Harvard University
Arthur Levine, President of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation

David Culter and Arthur Levine

Hunger used to be a seasonal problem in Siouxland, but now it seems to be year-round.  Siouxland Public Media's Kayla Mayor has this report on efforts to alleviate food insecurity in Siouxland.

Kayla Mayor on hunger in Siouxland

The Sierra Club of Siouxland is known for bringing fascinating people to town to talk about environmental issues.  Last week, Graham Jordison rode down the Missouri River and stopped overnight in Siouxland.  Jordison works for the Sierra Club in Nebraska and kayaks down the country's rivers to educate people about the dangers posed by coal-fired power plants.  I caught up with Jordison at Chris Larsen park last Thursday night. 

Kayker Graham Jordison at Chris Larsen Park on September 9

This week marked the obervance of Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar. In commemoration, we present an interivew first aired in March.  We talked with author Judy Batallion about her book that tells the often thrilling stories of Jewish female resistance fighters in WWII in Hitler's ghettos.

The Light of Days by Judy Battalion

Judy Battalion, author of The Light of Days

Finally this week we have another Small Wonder from Jim Schaap.

Jim Schaap

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