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A New Look at The Whitman Massacre; Vaccine Passports: The Exchange

This is week on The Exchange, we talk with the author of a new book tells the story behind the legend of the Whitman Massacre back in 1847, and we a hear A Small Wonder from Jim Schaap that talks about the backstory of Marcus Whitman's wife Narcissa, who, along with her husband Marcus, was killed in the massacre in what is now Washington state.

Murder at the Mission, by Blaine Harden

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd last year, several Confederate monuments have been taken down. Today, we talk with a researcher about the  history and legacy of those monuments, and why they remain so prevelent today.   Karen L. Cox is the author of "No Common Ground: Confederate Monuments and the Ongoing Fight for Racial Justice.  In the book, Cox talks about how hundreds of monuments were raised all over the South around the turn of the century, mostly financed with money raised by the Confederate Daughters of America. 

Karen L. Cox

As President Joe Biden proposes new social justice programs and tax increases to pay for them, some are wondering if the wealthiest Americans will end up paying a larger portion of the tax burden. In his book, "The Wealth Horders," Chuck Collins talks about the need to make taxes more equitable for everyone and how the top 0.01% of Americans have a system of loopholes that allows them to keep and build their family's wealth over generations.  


Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is expected to sign into law a measure that would ban vaccine passports.  We spoke with Sioux City Democratic Representative Steve Hansen about the bill and the connection between anti-maskers adn anti-vaxers. 

Sioux City State House Representative Steve Hansen (D)

Sioux City Statehouse Representative Steven Hansen (D)

We also have a preview of a special Mother's Day concert this Sunday at Epply Auditorium. We talk wth musician Eric Grossman. 

Eric Grossman

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