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"The Good Hand," Carbon Recapture, Small Wonder


This week on The Exchange, we speak with the author of a new book who tells of his first-hand experience in the oil fields in the boom town of Williston, North Dakota.  Michael Patrick  says his book looks at people who are often surviving financially from week to week. 


We also talk about one of the country’s first carbon capture and storage projects that is associated with an ethanol plant in Marcus, Iowa.  Bruce Rastetter is the CEO of Summit. He says the partnership is a giant step forward for the biofuels industry.


Community activist Cindy Waitt talks about her concerns since Governor Kim Reynolds ended the state’mask mandate to prevent the spread of covid 19.  


Since the pandemic began, there has been a lot of concern about people’s mental health in Iowa.  Now, the state is going to receive a large grant from Vibrant Emotional Health, the non profit administrator for the National Suicide prevention Lifeline. The goal is to develop a strategic plan to use Lifeline’s 988 emergency number.  988 will become the three-digit code for the suicide prevention hotline. 


Keri Neblett is the Suicide Prevention Director for the Iowa Department of Public Health.  Neblett says the state is getting sizable grant to implement the 988 emergency number. 


And, this week, Jim Schaap has another "Small Wonder."


"The Good Hand," Carbon Recapture, Small Wonder

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