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1000 Hours; Broke in America; Post-War Adoption; Diana Wooley

This week on The Exchange we talk about what it is like to poor in America with the author of a new book called "Broke in America: Seeing, Understanding and Ending US Poverty."   The authors Joanne Samuel Goldblum and Colleen Shaddux say the coronavirus pandemic has plunged millions more Americans to the brink of poverty, but the underlying causes of poverty have been ingrained in society, so that should be no surprise.  I talked with co-auhtor Joanne Samuel Goldblum about poverty, its causes and what the government and each us can do to allieviate those who are living in poverty.

Also, how one story of a man looking for his biological mother because he needed a kidney lead one journalist to uncover the cruel policies of post-war adoption agencies in the United States.  Gabrielle Glaser is the author of  "American Baby: A Mother, A Baby and the Shadow History of Adoption."  Glaser says adoption was  often the only option for what were called "unwed mothers" in the mid-twentieth century.


A new program at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center that helps you and your family get out of the house and into the great outdoors. It's called "1000 Hours."  We talk with  Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center's Naturalist Theresa Kruid about the initiative.

Courtesy of The Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center

1000 Steps, Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center's Naturalist Theresa Kruid

We also hear from Diana Wooley of Lamb Theater who talks about her upcoming program at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center this weekend.  It’s called "When it Comes to Love." We talk with Diana and hear one of her songs.