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Woodbury County Auditor Moves Forward with Ballot Requests After Lawsuit, Controversy

Coming up on The Exchange, a Woodbury County judge last week invalidated more than 50 thousand prefilled absentee ballot request forms about sixty days out from the November election, after a lawsuit filed by the GOP and President Trump's campaign. The plaintiffs argue that Secretary of State Paul Pate decreed that only unpopulated absent ballot requests could be sent out.

Now, Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill says he took action to prepopulate the ballot requests because he believed he had home rule. He plans to send out all-new request forms and a mailing that explains the process and how to use the absentee ballot request forms.

Also, we check in with the families and teachers taking part in our Going Viral project, where We are following parents, families, and teachers as they return to school in the time of the Coronavirus. 

We speak with a Siouxland woman who is pushing for a mask mandate in Iowa.

And we hear about the new offerings from Western Iowa Tech's Lifelong Learning program this fall. 

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