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The Safety of Absentee Ballot Requests; Burning Man Decoded; A Safe Return to College

Coming up on The Exchange, the Trump administration is suing Woodbury, Linn and Johnson Counties for prepopulating absentee ballot request forms, because of concerns about voter fraud. However, Roxanna Moritz, the president of the Iowa Association for County Auditors, says there are several checks and balances that prevent voter fraud, and mail-in voting is safe in the era of COVID-19.  

Scott County Auditor and President of the Iowa State Association of County Auditors Roxanne Moritz, courtesy, WVIK

As college students and professors go back to school,  we speak with two Wayne State College professors who have been denied permission to continue teaching virtually, despite age and health conerns.  Wayne State history professors Don Hickey and Joseph Weixelman are concerned about contracting the Coronavirus. They are both over 65 and have underlying health issues.

Wayne State College history professor John Weixelman

Also, a conversation with the author of a new book about the Burning Man Festival.  Carolyn White says the event has evolved considerably over the past 34 years, with generations of participants. However, this year the festival is cancelled due to concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus. 

And, we talk with a Siouxland artist who has designed the program for this year’s Indianapolis 500.  

That’s coming up, after this news. 

Courtesy Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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