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COVID-19 Cases Soar in Siouxland; Meatpackers Deal with Infections, Shutdowns


This week on The Exchange:

Siouxland mayors, including Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott, demand more transparency about the source of the recent surge in coronavirus cases in the tri-state area.

Governor Kim Reynolds looks forward to opening up 77 Iowa counties this Friday, after many weeks of lockdown because of COVID-19.

Iowa's Home Rule Constitutional Amendment could affect local rules about shutdowns during the pandemic, but, so far, the governor has the last word.

In response to President Donald Trump's announcement that the federal government will work with meatpackers to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic, two meat industry experts say the move could cause more problems for workers and processing plants.

The Sioux City Farmer's Market is set to open this Friday with social distancing rules in place.

An Iowa State University-based small business assistance group is helping businesses around Iowa re-open carefully this week.

Lamb Regional Arts Theater moves forward by planning online performances.

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