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Remembering Woodstock Part 1

Mark Goff
Wikimedia Commons

This week marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most beloved cultural events of the 20th century.  Woodstock marked the way people could celebrate, en masse, in a peaceful and joyful time together on this planet.

And the B-Sides is here to help you celebrate the universal karma that was three and a half days of peace and love.

Johnnie and I believe the event was so significant that we have dedicated two shows to Woodstock, its music and history.

Listen to some of the most compelling performances from the show including Santana's Soul Sacrifice, Crosby Stills Nash and Young's Wooden Ships and Ten Years After's I'm Going Home, and that's just the first week.

Also, we put together tons of historical info on how the festival got it's start, which bands played and how much they paid, and who declined to play at the Aquarian celebration.

Did you know, for example, Woodstock was not held in that town but rather nearly 70 miles away in Bethel N.Y.?  Did you know that the iconic song, Woodstock, was written by someone who wasn' t there.  Did you know that because of the weather the festival was held over to Monday at which time Jimi Hendrix, the concert's highest paid performer woke up the crowd with his electrifying version of the Star-Spangled Banner?  Did you know the event's organizers lost over a million dollars but were able to pay back the debt after 10 years?

If you're looking to listen to a beloved tribute to Woodstock, please join Johnny and me for two weeks of peace, love and darn good music on the B-Sides Saturday evening at 6 o'clock right here on the voice of great rock and roll, Siouxland Public Media.

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