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Dem Presidential Candidates Talk Single-Payer Insurance, The Roof Garden Revived, on The Exchange

Welcome to The Exchange.

On today’s program, we’ll hear from some of the Democratic presidential candidates who were in Siouxland last week, talking the need to change healthcare policy and health insurance. Many support a single-payer option, but others say that’s too drastic.

Also, the progress being made in getting medical marijuana on the ballot as a constitutional referendum on  Nebraska in 2020.  The petition for the referendum needs around 185 thousand signatures to place the referendum on the ballot.  While many in Nebraska support legalizing medical marijuana, as we have done in Iowa, there are some powerful detractors, including Governor Pete Rickets and many state lawmakers.

Ho-Chunk Farms in Winnebago is planning to get into the hemp production business.  They are one of a handful of pilot programs for hemp production in the state of Nebraska.  We'll talk to the business manager.

And we hear from a family who came to Sioux City last Friday to remember a relative who died in the crash of United Flight 232 30 years ago. 

Finally, we get a preview of the newly renovated soon-to-be-open Roof Garden Ballroom in Arnolds Park. 

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