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Check It Out: Dark Matter


What if?

These two words might make up one of the biggest questions we as humans ask ourselves.

Author Blake Crouch tackles this age old thought process in his newest book Dark Matter. In a fast pace, mind bending, emotional roller coaster, Crouch takes the reader into what could happen if we could go back and make different choices. But this isn’t a time travel story. No, it’smuch more complex than that. This is a story about the Multiverse.

The multiverse is the hypothetical set of possible universes, including the universe in which we live. 

The hero of our story is Jason Desson, a physics professor at a college in Chicago who just happens to have a one in a million scientific mind, so brilliant, that it could change the entire face of humanity. But instead, the choices he made in his life have led him to a decent living in a small life, married to the woman of his dreams, Daniella. But nothing more... until one day he gets kidnapped…by Jason Desson.

Jason 2 is from a parallel universe, one where he took that brilliant scientific mind and created “The Box”. The device that allows humans to travel from one universe to another. Jason 2 went from universe to universe looking for a version of himself that he wanted to live. Our Jason had that life. So Jason 2 stole it from him and sent our Jason to his world.

Confused, bordering on a mental break down, Our Jason must piece together what has happened to him, and get back to his wife and son. By any means possible.

Crouch does a strong job of creating a linear storyline but still exploding the mind of the reader from time to time.

If you like a fast paced ride that can question morality and ethics, then give Dark Matter by Blake Crouch a try. You can get this work as well as other Sci Fi realism at the Sioux City Public Library


Support for Check It Out comes from Avery Brothers.

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