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Artists Splash Onto the Scene This Weekend

Klaire Pearson

ArtSplash returns to Riverside Park this weekend. The event attracts professional artists nationwide to Siouxland for the juried exhibition. New artists, too, take part. They are given a lift to the professional world of art by the Splash Artists program. This year, one of the Splash Artists is Klaire Pearson, a painter and maker whose work is confident, analytical, and wry. And, new to this year's festival, State Steel and Compressed Steel are sponsoring The Interactive Exhibition Area, an area where Siouxland non-profits are able to create interactive projects to engage festival goers. Siouxland Public Media, for example, will be setting up an interview table for young folks to interview their loved ones. Those interviews will be recorded and sent back to the interviewers as a keepsake and as a way for us to demonstrate the importance of capturing stories. It's going to be a grand time. 


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