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Many Regions Hit With Severe Weather Over Holiday Weekend


Here's a phrase we don't get to say that often, snow in El Paso. Over the weekend, a blizzard struck college football's Sun Bowl there. Early this morning, the temperature in that city on the Mexican border was 27 degrees.


El Paso's experience was just one sign of severe weather across the South. Brian Hothe (ph) is tracking it all.

BRIAN HOTHE: The room I'm sitting in is full of computers and televisions. And I can view the weather across the entire country.

INSKEEP: He's on the overnight shift at the National Weather Service office in Fort Worth, Texas.

HOTHE: We had power outages, roads just impossible to drive on, stranded cars. So it was - it was a very, very intense storm system.

INSKEEP: And this Monday after Christmas will be a day of dealing with the aftermath.

HOTHE: The actual weather over those areas is - is improving. But the impacts are going to remain really bad across those areas because of - the temperatures are not going to get above freezing. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.