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Help for the Haunted

Every October, I find that I am drawn to books that are spooky, creepy, and a little bit dark-er than I might normally read. If you’re looking for a ghostly read this season, I suggest Help for the Haunted by John Searles.

14 year-old Sylvie Mason's parents were "demonologists." They found moderate fame, and public scrutiny after writing a book about their experiences providing “help for the haunted”. After a mysterious phone call late one fateful night, they are murdered in an abandoned church, while Sylvie is left sleeping in the car. She is the only one to identify a suspect--a troubled client her parents had tried to help. But now, a year later, as the high-profile case is coming up for trial, the accused killer has produced an airtight alibi--which leaves Sylvie questioning what she saw--or thinks she saw. Sylvie is bullied at school, pressured by the police investigating the case, and all but ignored by her older sister-turned legal guardian. But Sylvie is determined to find out the truth about her family, even if that means confronting the evil she suspects is in her basement.

Searles pulls us into his story with gothic overtones and creepy and compelling characters. The story unfolds in nonlinear fashion, keeping the reader on edge--while Sylvie bravely uncovers her family’s many secrets. This book is a smart, psychological thriller that will keep readers turning pages until the very end.

This award-winning book, while written for adults, is one that I would also recommend for older teens who are looking for something spooky.

Stop by the Sioux City Public Library to check out Help for the Haunted by John Searles, or let us help you find a fright-fully good read!

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