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AWE: Authenticity, Wellbeing, and Empowerment
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  • Complacency is the time when we stop challenging ourselves. It is when we have been in a state of homeostasis for too long and are teetering on the brink of decline in growth.
  • Burnout is subtle. It happens slowly, and we often don't realize it has happened to us until after the flame goes out. But it is in this moment when we can realize our needs and begin to understand how we can pursue them.
  • Resilience is a learned ability. It is learning to adapt and grow. It is observing where we are and looking for the next step.
  • Rejection is an opportunity. An opportunity for a type of reflection that will invite misery or growth. We can either bask in the shadow of failure or dance in the sunshine of opportunity.
  • Gratitude is a practice. It helps us to call forward those things we overlook. Gratitude empowers us to savor those pieces of life we neglect and is tool that builds resilience.
  • Acceptance is the place where the observing self can begin. It is when we begin to notice those things we can change versus hyper focusing on those things we can’t change.
  • Brand new to the AWE podcast, LaShawna and Josh take you on a journey into their own minds. A conversation, in the moment, and authentically guided only by what comes to mind.
  • Mindset is the great influencer. It builds our attitudes. It strengthens our intuition. It’s where empowerment begins.
  • Mindset is the great influencer. It builds our attitudes. It strengthens our intuition. It’s where empowerment begins.
  • Boundaries are those things which keep us safe. They are established to help me bring all of me to the table. This keeps balanced, healthy, and empowered.
Josh Van Zweden is a licensed therapist with a Masters in Social Work certification and a certification in drug and alcohol counseling. He has worked in the field of addiction, helping people from various backgrounds, cultures, socioeconomic statuses, races, ethnicities, religions, genders, and ages. Josh loves being with people, meeting people, learning their stories, and, most importantly, helping. Josh is a person-centered, solution-focused counselor familiar with Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, positive psychology, and the PERMA theory of well-being
LaShawna Moyle is a full-time mental health counselor at WITCC. She has experience serving individuals from minority populations and diverse backgrounds, and she has worked with many individuals presenting with experiences of trauma. LaShawna utilizes a Person-Centered/Client-Centered (Rogerian) approach. She entered the mental health field because she believes this is where she is supposed to be. There is something about creating a safe space for people and being present for an individual to find his/her truth that she finds truly humbling, valuable, and rewarding.