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Wolves In The Throne Room, 'Primal Chasm (Gift Of Fire)'

We came from chaos, so who better than Wolves in the Room to tell our story? The Olympia, Wash., band, known for sprawling black metal of atmospheric and ravaging proportions, likes to keep track lengths long and myths old. "Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire)," however, growls magma, oceans and the entire universe in a tidy 5 minutes. Headbanging riffs, symphonic keys and blast beats heave from the "yawning abyss," but counter with honest-to-Gaia hooks. To these ears, it's the closest that Wolves in the Throne Room has ever come to an Immortal rager and, perhaps in a knowing nod, the music video – filled with forging swords, mountaintop shredding, desolate beach drumming and pyrotechnics – teeters between the ridiculous and the awesome.

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