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On 'Adore You,' Jessie Ware Makes A Return To House Diva Excellence

Before Jessie Ware lent her voice to big-budget romantic film soundtracks of the highbrow and lowbrow variety (and became something of a podcast maven), the British pop singer made songs in which she resembled a house diva reincarnate. On her new track "Adore You" (as was the case with last year's great "Overtime") she returns to those electronic roots.

Produced by Metronomy's Joseph Mount — who brought his idiosyncratic touch to Robyn's Honey — and Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford, "Adore You" is a feat of airy house-pop, a masterclass in under-the-covers intimacy that feels enticing yet familiar. Ware offers up a delicate showing, making sure never to overpower the featherweight synths as she swoons over a partner like it's their first day together. "I think I'm falling for you / And I know that I adore you," she sings, the feeling of adoration still brand new.

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