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Charly Bliss Announces New Album 'Young Enough,' Shares Single 'Capacity'

Sometimes, letting go of a fraught emotional connection is the only way to preserve yourself. Charly Bliss unveils this truth in its mini-heist film of a music video for "Capacity," an anthem for emotional exhaustion at the hands of someone you deeply care for. It sets the band's deliriously fun power-pop in early-aughts Liz Phair territory, and is the first taste of the band's new album, Young Enough, due out May 10.

Directed by Japanese Breakfast's Michelle Zauner (and featuring a gonzo news reporter cameo from her as well), the video is set in the midst of a heist gone wrong. With all the money and booze (and neon signs) in the world, our protagonist remains miserable. "'Capacity' is a song about wanting to kill your inner people-pleaser," writes Charly Bliss' Eva Hendricks in a press release, "and Michelle beautifully presented a parallel concept, which warns of the perils of getting swept up in other people's bulls***."

Young Enough is out May 10 via Barsuk Records.

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