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Sense Of Place Minneapolis: Low

Zoran Orlić
Courtesy of the artist

Low formed more than two decades ago in Duluth, Minn., about two and a half hours north of Minneapolis. Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals) and his wife Mimi Parker (drums and vocals) are the core members; they've played with a number of bassists over the years. In its early days, Low was seen as a reaction to the grunge that dominated in the '90s, as the band played slowly and quietly in a style many called slowcore. But for its new album, Ones And Sixes, Low played songs that were a little louder and more varied, and recorded them at Justin Vernon's studio in Eau Claire, Wisc.

Any union that lasts beyond two decades, be it a band or a couple, is notable. In this session, find out if Sparhawk and Parker have any secrets to success and hear them perform three songs from Ones And Sixes.

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