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Consumers To Spend More On Mom This Mother's Day


And today's last word in business is: Happy Mother's Day.

According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, mothers will be treated to a little more this holiday. Grateful children plan to spend eight percent more on Mother's Day gifts this year. That's about $12 more than they spend on mom on her big day last year. All told, American consumers will spend about $18.6 billion on the mom, stepmom or grandmas in their lives.

And here is a warning, over 50 percent of the people surveyed plan to celebrate Mother's Day by going out to brunch or dinner. So if you don't have a reservation yet, you better get on it.

That's the business news on MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm David Greene.


And I'm Steve Inskeep. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.