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Sally Seltmann On World Cafe

You may never have heard of Australian singer-songwriter Sally Seltmann, but you've almost certainly heard her work. She's released several albums under the stage name New Buffalo and co-wrote Feist's song "1234." Inspired by Leslie Feist's earlier hit "Mushaboom," Seltmann shared the blueprint for "1234" on the last night of their tour together. Little did she know that an iPod Nano commercial would turn it into a worldwide hit.

Heart That's Pounding is the songwriter's latest album and the first under her real name. The songs are mostly upbeat and bouncy, armed with much of the same charm that made "1234" so catchy. Seltmann attributes much of the album's cheer and positive energy to the arrival of her newborn daughter (she's married to Avalanches member Darren Seltmann).

Listen to Seltmann chat with World Cafe host David Dye and perform stripped-down songs from Heart That's Pounding.

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