Artisans Road Trip

Cultural Continuum 10-13-17

Oct 13, 2017
Lee Rainboth
Ally Karsyn

In an old chicken coop, glittering paintings line the slat wood walls. Leaving behind the combines in the cornfields, the artist steps into another world of spiritual symbols from mandalas to voodou flags. He’s greeted by the half-finished, sequined smiling face of Sweet Micky, the Haitian pop star who became president. Nearby, he hangs a self-portrait, showing his pasty white body in the buff, which slightly stands out among his other subjects.


Cultural Continuum 10-07-16

Oct 7, 2016

Cultural Continuum 8-12-16

Aug 12, 2016

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The Road to Art

Oct 9, 2015

Our curiosity about art often arouses the desire to see its source, and the annual Artisans Road Trip (ART) satisfies this desire. This weekend art lovers will be allowed into the workshops, pottery houses, studios, and creative spaces of artists living and working in northwest Iowa. One of the artists, Timothy Arand-McIlrath came to our studio to discuss his work and the ART. Listen while you drive.