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Siouxland Public Media's Interviews and Features
A collection of Siouxland Public Media's local interviews covering arts, culture, news, special interest and more.
The Exchange
The Exchange brings the news, culture, and art of Siouxland to the fore. Hosted by Mary Hartnett, it is an ongoing conversation about our home, made for our home.
Food for Thought
Each week, Siouxland Public Media's Gretchen Gondek discusses the savory and surprising in the world of culinary delights with a special guest!
Afternoon Classical
An hour of the very best recordings from Siouxland Public Media's Classical music archives.
Ten O'Clock Blues
Nighttime is the right time to have the blues and Siouxland Public Media dutifully brings them to you each Saturday Evening with "Stumpy" Steve Smith and the 10 O'Clock Blues.
Saturday Night Jazz
Get a three-hour workout in America's true art form with Eddie Dunn and Saturday Night Jazz. Dunn's satin-smooth voice and creative delivery have caused more than one Siouxland Public Media listener to assume that SNJ is a syndicated program. We are proud to say however, that Mr. Dunn can be heard exclusively on the airwaves of KWIT-KOJI.
Welcome. Sit. Stay.
It's Siouxland Public Media's shortest show. Each week Welcome. Sit. Stay. invites in a dog that is searching for a new home.
Check It Out
Check It Out is a weekly spotlight on literature and book culture that Siouxland Pubilc Media co-produces with the Sioux City Public Library.