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The Chesterfield Closes

Dec 6, 2016

The Chesterfield has closed for good. The bar and music venue on Fourth Street in downtown Sioux City has been rocking for more than 16 years.  Siouxland Public Media's Mary Hartnett has this report.

Religious visions were everywhere in the years preceding the Civil War. Boom towns out west here may have been hell holes for a time, but they were also peopled by starry-eyed believers who claimed their marching orders came from on high.

Tabor, Iowa, sits on a bluff far above the Missouri, the highest point of Fremont County. The place is not in terrific shape today; but Tabor has an epic past, created when fiery abolitionist Congregationalists set up camp here, just across the river from Nebraska.

Cultural Continuum 12-02-16

Dec 2, 2016


Elsa Va
Ally Karsyn

Dakota Access Pipeline informational meeting
Ally Karsyn


In a darkened lamp-lit yoga studio, Caroline Rivera picks her way through a dozen people sprawled out on the floor in a supported corpse pose. They place foam blocks under their shoulder blades and breathe.

She’s teaching a donation-based class at Evolve Yoga in downtown Sioux City to stand in solidarity with the opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline Project. 

The Akimbo Cross

Nov 21, 2016
James Schaap

The day lilies planted around the little frame church are mostly a weed patch. The dried-up front door begs paint, the cross at the peak just above it is bent slightly in fashion that’s sad for a cross, akimbo. An electrical cord from somewhere inside dangles over the peak, suggesting that if you want juice inside you set up a generator on the badly-pitched front step.

Christopher Taylor, roundly considered to be a virtuoso pianist, will perform a recital this Sunday at Morningside College. Professor James March, director of the Morningside Piano Recital Series, joined Mark Munger to talk about the program. 

Cultural Continuum 11-18-16

Nov 18, 2016


Elsa Va
Ally Karsyn

Elsa Va has lived on the East Coast and the West Coast and a few places in between. Across all those miles and county lines, she’s well on her way to pursuing two passions: midwifery and music.

Sioux City Pipeline Protest

Nov 15, 2016
By NittyG - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Large numbers of protesters continue to gather in North Dakota to oppose the Dakota Access pipeline. However, today in Downton Sioux City, a small group of protestors urged passersby to think twice about the 3.8 billion dollar project.  Siouxland Public Media Mary Hartnett has this report